Full Potential

Full Potential

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How I See

‘How I See, Colors My Perception and Controls My Destiny’

I woke up this morning from about 2 AM to 4 AM just meditating on this one idea.. “How I See” and the impact it has across everything I think, do and respond to life. The most important thing I’m seeing is ME .. yet this concept of ME is really just a construction and then a reconstruction. Constantly and never ending. In every moment, it is being seen again and again.. often being reconstructed through what I believe is the perception of others of me.

As I saw it, this ME I see, is in need of constant validation in some form or another, from accomplishments to reactions from others. But having this meta-awareness of how it’s being seen, gives me a momentary freedom from it. When I stand from the position of “How I See” and just notice the way I’m seeing ME, my whole life and everyone in it .. I’m truly just observing. And not just the WHAT in my life, but I’m observing the HOW I observe. I’m seeing how I see. And from this place I’m able to be more present, awake and aware of perception itself.

I see how, HOW I see, colors my perception. It effects the decisions I make. The limits I can see, whether real or imaginary, restrict movement and action. My response is limited to what I see as available options. Ultimately all my potential, all my power really depends on how I’m seeing it.

It might seem like a simple idea but I really encourage you to meditate on “HOW I SEE” and just keep reflecting on that idea for about 20 – 30 minutes and notice the depth to which you can see how you see when you really concentrate on this idea. That’s it for tonight.. enjoy the rest of your night. See you tomorrow.