Full Potential

Full Potential

Level 10 Your Life

Driven into the Light

Happy New Years Eve or New Years for some already! What a time to be alive. We have much truth and awakening happening while it’s become very clear which side of the spectrum you might be playing on. You might hope to remain uncovered or under the radar but its becoming more difficult to be unnoticed in your position. This is a very GOOD thing.. as it’s bringing EVERYTHING to the light.

As you find yourself in the light, you’ll either be very proud of your position or very uncomfortable. It’s this discomfort that may actually drive you to ask deeper questions such as, why am I uncomfortable with being seen? What if all my agendas and all my desires and all my intentions are in the light? Am I proud of them? Am I loving myself? Am I scared what others might think? The more in the light all of ourselves become, the more we can recognize each other as well. The more we can gravitate towards truth and the frequencies that resonate with our being. This allows for greater organization, connection, co-creation.

All the things it seems that are done in power over is actually the catalyst for our power together. To come together in these times is the most certain solution for overcome any and all powers that may seek to thwart our unity in favor of division. Division is power-less whereas unification is power-full. Therefore to create division is the most basic form of solution to maintain power over the truly power-full.. which is those who can come together, to unify, to flush everything out into the light and take action to move the right solutions forward to make our world better.

So the question is – which side of history will you be on? Realizing you cannot hide. You cannot cover. You cannot fly under the radar .. for all is being revealed. We are in a time of truth and transparency. Visibility for all to see.. so it is time to get ourselves organized in a way that states by our very essence, I am proud of what I am, what I stand for, who I am and why I’m here. I know I won’t be here forever, but in the time I was here I am proud for what I stood for. The principles of truth, honor and noble purpose were at the core of what drove me to be who and what I was. What do you choose to be? Happy New Year! đŸ™‚