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Path of the Visionary (That’s YOU)

Hello Full Potential Being, happy new day! I hope your new year is off to a great start and you are excited for what this new day has to offer.

I got up early this morning and meet Zenith and son at immigration office in San Isidro. Apparently CR has a law that mother cannot travel out of Costa Rica without having permission by father. So we are getting a permit that will give her permission until he’s 18.

As I was driving through the city I observed how it was waking up. Some people opening or sweeping their shops. Some people walking and driving. And on the sidewalk, I noticed a fairly young man sitting and looking down. His face covered in tattoos. It seemed like he was deep in thought, with nowhere to go. Sitting next to what appeared to be others who were living on the streets.

And I began to think about the decisions that young man may have made in his life to end up there. And the decisions the other men may have made. And even if circumstances beyond their control somehow made that a reality, what decisions kept them there?

And then I thought what decisions were driving each person as they want about the city as it was waking up? Choosing what shops to open and where. Choosing what activity to do in the morning. What destination they were walking or driving to.

I got a sense for how important the decisions we make are in determining our present reality. And acknowledging the over-arching beliefs that drive these decisions.

And that’s really the point worthy of reflection this morning. What must you believe to be doing anything at any particular moment? Can you become more aware of the beliefs driving that behavior or thought? Can you then start to change your life at the belief layer once you become more aware of the beliefs, driving the choices that drive your behavior?

Can you see the cause and effect relationship between Belief and Result and the chain we take to get there?

Belief ~> Decision ~> Behavior ~> Result

I believe the more awareness you bring to your beliefs, and the more internal programming you do to shift your mind into believing in possibilities.. the more you can consciously shift, so that the decisions you make and the results you experience become more aligned with your ideal.

Alignment with the ideal:

The ideal is your vision, born out of your values. The vision is just a picture you hold in your mind of some destination you want to direct your attention towards. This vision can be in one or multiple areas of your life.

Next is believing that this vision can become a reality and that you just need to find the answer, the plan or the help to make it reality.

Then making a decision to follow through on that plan and discovering how to structure and organize your time so that you follow through on your intentions.

Keeping the vision in front of you somehow as you encounter challenges and maintaining the belief that the vision is possible, so that you don’t give up and you keep following through.

Knowing why you are taking any action, especially in the midst of the action. Tracing it back to the root cause (the vision, the belief and the decision).

And recognizing that all results are connected somehow to prior actions. And taking responsibility for those actions. Realizing that even if circumstances were beyond your control, it’s your response to those circumstances that now dictate your present reality.

Once you can assume responsibility for present results and see the earlier causes at every step of the way .. you now have a powerful road map or path for changing anything you want in your life.






You are now empowered and ready to move towards your ideal vision in life. No matter where you are at present. Even the young gentleman on the street can follow this formula and transform his life.

To start: What is your present point A? (Current reality when you look out at the world) and what does your point B (future vision for any area look like?)

What would you need to believe to start taking action towards forming a plan and experimenting with ways to make that vision a reality?

And do you want the vision bad enough to keep taking action in spite of challenges or set backs. To keep finding a way?

Are you clear enough? Is it important enough? Are you enough? Do you need help? Where is that help? What resources do you need?

All actions after you believe it’s possible is really just getting clear on next steps and structuring your time to follow through on those actions.

Having a clear priority and sequence of actions to be as strategic or efficient as you can be .. with the resources you have (time, energy, money).

Over time recognize you will get better and better at this. The more you practice.

So for your next step: what vision in what area of your life do you want to get even more clear on? And what would you need to believe to decide to make it a reality and start taking action?

Good luck! And see you soon.