Full Potential

Full Potential

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Unleashing Your Full Expression

Hello Full Potential Beings! It’s a beautiful new day in this world and there’s surely something to feel grateful for in just being alive!

Today we’re about to go off to the Feria, which is the local farmers market here. Then we plan to dial in some of our offerings for the local community and beyond. And create a funny video today. We’ve been talking about all kinds of skits we can do and today feels like the day to create one.

Exploring Expression

Yesterday was a deeper exploration together along with our friend Camila. Who seems to be actively co-creating with us and who seems like a really lovely connection. We demonstrated just how open and silly, open and free we could all be without any mushie micro dose and it felt so liberating to play with the energy.

In fact I believe our experience yesterday is really showing me how important the exploration of full expression is in overcoming fear and revealing the authentic self. I really feel like its my calling to assist people in that process and it’s something that I really enjoy.

Be Messy In Your Expression

So that’s what today’s post is going to be about. Inspiring you to be more in your full expression. It all starts with being willing to mess up. To be judged. To be seen as crazy or weird. Just allowing the beginning part of the process to be messy and go out of your mind.

Make sounds, move, dance .. be silly. Whatever you do, don’t try to do it perfect. Just try to allow yourself to deepen into whatever energy is present and allow it to be more fully expressed.

As you start to deepen into this process and allow yourself to become an embodiment of the energy that is already present, the energy itself will start to take on a life of its own. New sounds or melodies may come through your voice. New movements. New forms of expressions you may have never tried before may come up.

Allow the Authentic Energy to Be Embodied

As you dance, play, sing or yell in this field of expression, you will feel moved by an energy that is often living just beneath the surface. Other emotions may arise as well such as sadness, anger, shame, guilt, regret or excitement. These are all perfectly fine as well.

Find a Space That’s Safe and Uninterrupted

Just make sure that you’re in a place where you aren’t going to be interrupted and where loud noises and sounds aren’t going to get a fearful response.

For example I used to play the drums and sing loudly in my other neighborhood in Manuel Antonio which deeply upset one of my neighbors to the point where she would come banging on my door and scowl at me if she saw me on the street.

Now I live in a space where I can be as loud as I want because my nearest neighbor is across the river and cannot hear our fullest expressions here even if they wanted to.

I found that to be one of the greatest hurdles initially to entering into a more full expression of myself – just finding a space where I could be loud.

Find Supportive People to Go Into Full Expression With

From there it was also being in the company of people that can hold space for loud expression. Not that all the expression is loud but that it certainly can and does go there.

Being in a field of non-judgmental people that are all willing to go into their own full expression. No matter how silly or wild it might seem at the time, is like a permission slip for everyone to be in their most authentic expression no matter how ‘out there’ it might seem.

What Does the Journey Look Like?

Our journey took us from drumming and singing, to gibberish, to acting out energies in an improv style way, to crying and laughing on the floor, to hands-on reiki and hugging. I felt so opened and relieved after our experience together. And in such a beautiful space. AND THEN..

Life immediately slapped me back into reality it felt like. As we hadn’t really given ourselves spaciousness for a graceful transition. Alexandria was hungry and the restaurants were closing soon. Plus she was feeling a little triggered with how much Camila and I were going into our connection that she was both hangry and triggered.. plus I felt triggered by Camila who had just been so open a moment before during my healing journey and who now felt a little more closed.

Why does it always feel like when I’m at my most open and vulnerable place, that I feel shut down or like someone else is overwhelmed and pulls away? This is actually heart breaking.

Just Stop Speaking and Breathe When Needed

But rather than take it personal, I have learned to not stay attached and simply speak my truth. Or in this case, stop speaking in general long enough to breathe into the feeling, not cause additional triggering and recenter myself.

And so that’s what I did. And soon it felt like when we were at dinner, everyone opened back up and there was an even better connection than what we had before. The “hell” experience is sometimes worth going through to experience the ‘heaven’.

Not that we always have to go through hell.. for example we could have had a more graceful transition out of the open / raw and vulnerable expression into a space of allowing one to fully and slowly return at their own pace. Rather than being pulled energetically but someone’s will or desire to move at a different pace and into a different space.

Create Spaciousness for Integration and Acceptance for Each Person’s Process

Also if we anticipate that the level of openness experienced in one moment might not be the same level of openness in the next moment.. we can do our best to prepare ourselves and at the very least, communicate when this dynamic shifts. Understanding that we as humans are still learning how to maintain open hearts and not close to protect or analyze what just happened.

Key Takeaways:

  • Allow yourself your fullest expression
  • Find a space where you can fully be you , as loud, silly or as wild as you want.
  • Don’t try to be perfect in the beginning. Allow embodiment of the messy expression to lead you to a more true and clear expression.
  • Support each other in your expression and allow for greater openness
  • Don’t expect that everyone will be able to maintain the same level of openness throughout or after the process.
  • Give yourselves a graceful transition period to come back to center and feel your truth.
  • Continue to explore and communicate what you experienced and what you’re experiencing realtime, using this newfound awareness about expression to help you arrive at a new ‘baseline’ of expression and truth with each other.