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In Partnership And Exploring Beautiful Connections

Happy New Day Full Potential Beings. It’s 8:35 AM in the morning and the day is off to a lovely start. This is a new day to be alive. A new day to celebrate being. Enjoy life and create more!

Planning the day with Alexandria and getting really clear on our priorities. Reviewing some of my earlier blog post entries and designing a day for beautiful new memories to unfold.

In Partnership While Exploring Beautiful Connections

Yesterday we had a deeper drop in about the difference between having beautiful connections and true partnership. I feel like this has been a grey area for me. As I love beautiful connections. And have often seen beautiful connections as a partnership. And of course why not want all beautiful connections to be a partnership? It’s so beautiful I want it around all the time.

BUT .. in our distinctions yesterday she helped me to see that partnership is really rooting in and making each other a priority. Developing a deep kind of safety so that connecting with beautiful people is possible, without it meaning that we would lose our partnership.

This takes a level of knowing where you stand with each other so that beautiful connections also know they can’t make you their partner per se. The exception is that if one of our beautiful connections were to melt into the partnership that is already existing. But at least with this clarity everyone knows where they stand and beautiful connections can be appreciated for what they are and I can stand in partnership.

What a simple but elegant understanding of how to appreciate all the connections I have around me while still honoring partnership as the priority it is.

Key Points:

  • Partnership while exploring beautiful connections can co-exist
  • Partnership requires a priority
  • In prioritizing each other, you feel safer to explore other connections.
  • All connections must know where you stand in relation to your partner. In discipline to clear boundaries.
  • In this way: with clear communication, sensitivity and boundaries, its possible to explore deep love & freedom

What are your thoughts?