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Full Potential

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Freewriting to Clear Your Mind

Hello Full Potential Beings! How is it going today? Here’s its another beautiful day. The sun is shining and I am happy to breathe this fresh air and be alive.

The animals are playing. And there’s a new opportunity to upgrade life even more.


I find it helps to start my day with free writing to really clear my head. That’s just taking a notepad and a pen and writing whatever comes to mind.

The content of the writing doesn’t matter as much as just keeping the stream going. This will give you awareness of what’s going on inside your mind. And with that you can start reorganizing your mind through your writing.

It’s a two way interface.. your mind speaking to you as you stream it out in your writing. And you speaking to your mind as you write what you want to focus on, do, create, or be today.

So just take some time each morning, each night or both with a notebook and pen and just stream your thoughts with no specific purpose other than seeing what’s there and see what arises.

Give yourself a time limit that you will keep writing for , 5 or 10 minutes for example and just keep going no matter how silly or mundane it seems.

Also as you write you may want to organize your thoughts into goals / action steps or diagrams. Feel free to do this as well.

Free writing is similar to other expressive activities where once you get started it can take on a life of its own.

Enjoy the process and share your experience here.

Key takeaway:

1- Freewriting is a wonderful way to clear your mind and become more aware

2- All you need is a notebook and pen

3- Give yourself a writing window of 5 to 10 minutes or so to keep streaming your thoughts onto paper

4- Feel free to organize your thoughts however you see fit. And enjoy the process!