Full Potential

Full Potential

Level 10 Your Life

Cultivating Where You Put Your Attention

Happy new day Full Potential Beings! It’s a great new day to be alive!

I am excited because today is soccer ⚽️ and I am on my way to be there before 9 am!

The big download I have been getting over the past 24-48 hours is around navigating desires in partnership and how to also upgrade desires themselves from more individual or base level to the most beautiful desires they can be so that more people can share them.

Sometimes it’s hard to let go of an individual desire, especially one that’s been cultivated for so long. It can be like an addiction to meet that desire, fulfilling some need no matter how temporary.

But to upgrade that desire is not necessarily to integrate it into everything but simply start giving the more expansive and beautiful desires more attention in your life.

By default .. when you move attention from one thing to another you have already ‘let go’ of something you were giving attention. At least on that moment. To truly ‘let go’ of an old pattern is simply keeping your attention on whatever you are now focusing on. And shift attention back to it whenever you fall off track.

In other words.. at the most foundational levels of consciousness you are just shifting attention from one thing to another and getting more and more clear about WHERE you want to put your attention.

Consciousness is the cultivation of WHERE you want to put your attention!

Key points:

1- As long as you are conscious of where you are putting your attention and

2- Conscious of where you truly WANT to put your attention and

3- You cultivate that attention to go where you want it to go.. You are living consciously.

4- If you cultivate putting attention on beautiful desires.. desires that if fulfilled create a beautiful life — you are operating at some of the highest levels of your consciousness. Divinely inspired.