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Levity Loops: Lighter-Hearted Communications

Hello, Full Potential beings! 🌟 Have you ever found yourself stuck in a conversation that feels heavy or serious?

What if I told you that you can break the cycle of serious talk and move conversations toward something a bit more…uplifting? Try “Levity Loops.”

What are Levity Loops?

Levity Loops are lines you can use over and over again in a lighthearted way, to steer conversations towards a sense of ease and lightness.

For example, if a conversation seems to be tense of someone’s trying to make a point you could say ‘I’m not worried about it. Are you worried about it?’ And this works a lot. Even after making your own point, if it feels serious, you could say ‘I’m not worried about it though.’

Sometimes the overuse is what makes it funny.

Another levity loop you can do is wish. Thank you. Ultimately people really appreciate gratitude and if you can do it in a playful way while still being sincere it’s a winning combo. Saying thank you a lot is what people really want to hear or feel from the points they are making.

Another one underneath the communication is just saying I love you. Sincere practice of I love you is an even deeper appreciation and people really feel it.

The Origin of Levity Loops

I started to experiment with levity loops as a way to break up serious conversation or draining conversation, and finding the insertion points of regular loops, to make it more lighthearted and break the pattern of density.

Experiment with this yourself, and see what loops resonate in the conversation, and might even become inside jokes for your group .💫

Tips for Mastering Levity Loops

  • Embrace Overuse…Mindfully: with Levity Loops, sometimes more is more. Overusing them can add an extra layer of humor. The trick is to read the people—if you’re upping the levity, keep the loop going! If people look like they’re getting triggered, see where you can meet them and then try to dial back up the lightness.

But honestly, I’m not even worried about it whether you use levity loops or not.. or even if you like this article *wink*