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Harnessing Personal Power Through Energy Awareness and Presence

In the pursuit of happiness, success, and well-being, the awareness of our energy field becomes an essential tool, often overlooked in mainstream discourse. This post aims to shed light on the transformative potential of being aware of your energy field and how that relates to personal power. By integrating awareness and presence, we can become the architects of our experiences, rather than feeling like mere byproducts of the environment or responders to external circumstances.

Energy Awareness: The Source of Power

What is Energy Awareness?

Energy awareness refers to the recognition of the omnipresent field of energy that we are both a part of and continuously interact with. By becoming aware of this field, you become more tuned into the nuances of your power—where it is directed, how it is used, and whether it is focused or scattered. 

The Interplay of Awareness and Presence

Both awareness and presence serve crucial roles in the mastery of one’s energy field. Awareness lets you recognize where your energy is directed, particularly in terms of your thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations. Presence goes a step further, allowing you to engage actively with your energy in real-time. Through this dynamic duo, you can redirect and concentrate your energy purposefully.

The Importance of Being Hyper-Present

A valuable insight on this subject has been shared by a reader:

“Being hyper-present allows you to harness your internal power and channel it purposefully, rather than scattering it in pursuit of external desires or distractions. By focusing on the now, you’re better positioned to make decisions that align with your values and goals, rather than reacting impulsively to external circumstances. This heightened sense of presence enables you to direct your energy more effectively, granting you a level of control that often leads to desired outcomes.”

Being hyper-present is essentially amplifying your state of presence to an almost laser-like focus. It grants you the ability to be exceptionally aware of where your power is directed at any given moment, allowing you to be, to a significant extent, in control of your strength and your energy field.

Practical Implications

Aligning with Inner Values and Goals

By being hyper-present, you become an active player in your life’s unfolding drama, rather than a passive spectator swayed by the winds of external circumstances. You can make real-time decisions that are aligned with your core values and goals.

Creating Your Desired Experiences

In essence, recognizing where your power lies in the present moment transforms you into the creator of your own reality. This shift from being a mere responder to a creator grants you a greater sense of fulfillment and a life more aligned with your authentic self.


Understanding and practicing energy awareness and presence offer a pathway to harnessing your personal power effectively. By moving from a state of awareness to a state of hyper-presence, you unlock the ability to control where your energy goes, thereby allowing you to create more of the experiences you wish to have. This practice doesn’t just change the way you interact with the world; it transforms your very being, turning you from a passive responder to an active creator of your own reality.

The Poem: The Weaver of Now

In the loom of the present,

The Weaver sits alone,

Weaving threads of awareness

Into tapestries unknown.

With each pulse of energy,

And every thought that’s sown,

The tapestry takes shape,

In the colors that have grown.

But the Weaver’s eyes are restless,

Roaming fields, far and wide,

Forgetting that the power lies

In the loom where they reside.

“Be here,” whispers the loom,

“Your power’s in the Now.”

The Weaver nods, breathes deeply,

A seal like a solemn vow.

With newfound focused energy,

No longer lost or spent,

The Weaver crafts a tapestry,

Of love, and pure intent.

The Parable: The Garden of Now

Once upon a time, in a village, lived an old gardener named Kael. He had the most beautiful garden, but strangely, he never seemed to labor over it as others did with their plots.

His secret was simple, he claimed, “I plant only in the present.”

“How can you only plant in the present?” asked Ilena, a fellow gardener. “Seeds need time to grow!”

Kael invited her to his garden and handed her a seed. “Plant this here, right now, and tell it your worries about yesterday and tomorrow.”

Ilena did as instructed but saw no immediate change. “Nothing’s happening!”

Kael then gave her another seed. “Now, plant this seed, but be fully present. Pour all your energy and love into this moment as you plant.”

When she did, a miraculous thing happened. The seed sprouted almost immediately into a beautiful flower.

“The seeds are the same,” Kael explained, “but the energy and presence you offer make all the difference. Your true power is always ‘Here and Now.'”

The Visualization: The Pool of Presence

1. Close your eyes and take three deep breaths to center yourself.

2. Imagine a serene pool of water in a tranquil forest. This pool represents your inner energy field.

3. At first, the pool is full of ripples—these are your scattered thoughts, anxieties, and distractions. Notice how the ripples seem to push the water outward, away from the center.

4. Now, focus your awareness on the present moment. With each breath, visualize the ripples calming down, your thoughts settling.

5. As you breathe deeply, sense your energy pulling inward towards the center of the pool, creating a vortex of concentrated power.

6. Realize that all your power resides in this still, focused energy at the core of your being.

7. Take this sense of centered energy and open your eyes, ready to create your desired experiences and outcomes.

These different modes of expression—poem, parable, and visualization—serve as avenues to understand and internalize the transformative potential of being present and aware of our energy field. They invite you to step into your role as a creator, empowered by the essence of “Now.”

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