Full Potential

Full Potential

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How to Improve Self Image

Right now there’s a lot of negativity flying around on the internet and I’m wondering how We can counter balance that with something positive.

Give your mind something positive today .. Repetition of positive energy, something to disrupt negative patterns and replace them with feel good energy .. An inspiration, insight or feel good media of some kind .. here’s a short video to start you off.


How one sees themselves largely determines what they will attempt. How they feel. What they allow or don’t allow to happen in their life. This image often stems from experiences earlier in childhood but it can be changed! There are two main ways to change the self image:

#1. experiment with new things and expand the belief of what one is capable of.

#2. Through repetition of a new image, a vision of what one imagines to be the higher self.As the image of self changes, new things are attempted, new information is gathered.. the perspective about reality shifts with it.

Positive Energy , Positive Focus, Positive Perspective, Positive Shift in Words .. Positive Media to remind us of our potential. You can do it!