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Full Potential

Level 10 Your Life

Create the Optimum Environment

Good Afternoon Full Potentialites. It’s a rainy day here in the Chirripo mountain area of Costa Rica. One of the main reasons why I remember to post here on a regular basis is that it’s part of my habit tracking endeavors. Having goals and plans is nice, but being continually reminded of their existence is … Read more

Where to Focus? 9 Areas That Work for Me

It’s a beautiful new day here in Costa Rica at Zen Village in Chirripo. Completed my morning routine which consists of meditation, exercise, reading, writing and wim hoff breathing + river dip , so feeling good! Went to meet with a friend at Rio Chirripo to discuss Zen Village developments but we weren’t able to … Read more

7 A’s for a Happy Life: Attention, Awareness, Aliveness, Achievement, Avoidance, Action, Accountability

Attention is the ever present consciousness that can be directed at things or itself. Awareness arises when attention is placed on itself. Aliveness is the ideal state of consciousnessAchievement is the successful realization of one’s desiresAvoidance is the action one takes based on fears.Action is the expression from a state of desire. Accountability is the … Read more

What is the Most Useful Question?

Good morning beautiful Full Potentialites. A new day is upon us. May we seize the day and learn from all our yesterdays in making today as amazing as possible. Yesterday I got into a deep conversation with friends which ultimately boiled up to the question of: What’s useful? All this conversing, all this writing, all … Read more

Less Words, Conserve Energy

Good morning Full Potentialites! It’s 9:30 AM on this glorious human-made calendar day of 02 02 2022. Me like to simplify post today.Me realize much complication – too many words.Me simplify. Sometimes, caveman talk more simple.When more simple. Easy. Clear. Less words, conserve energy. See if can use less words today, how you feel. Full … Read more

We Are All World Leaders

Good morning everyone. It’s another beautiful morning here in Costa Rica.Waking up a little sore from yesterday’s soccer match. They’ve been growing quite a bit and yesterday was the first time we had enough people to occupy the entire field. There was a lot of running and a lot of intensity and today we rest. … Read more