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The Journey From the Void: Navigating Desires, Thoughts, Actions, and Consequences

Yesterday, in a riveting discussion with a friend, we delved deep into an exploration of existence – starting with the void and culminating in our understanding of today’s reality. We uncovered a pathway, a sequence of stages we all traverse: the void, desire, thoughts, actions, and results, observed under the metacognitive eye of awareness.

Void and Then Desire
We all begin with nothing, with the void. It’s an undefined space, a blank canvas. And in this void springs the very essence of our being – desire. Desire is mysterious, often seeming to emerge spontaneously and without a clear origin. It simply manifests, birthed from the void.

These desires are neither inherently positive nor negative. They exist in their raw form, as natural phenomena of the human experience. And from this wellspring of desire arises thoughts, thoughts on how to fulfill these cravings, these yearnings.

These thoughts, if entertained and acted upon, lead to actions. And every action has its corresponding consequences, a reaction that contributes to the fabric of our lives.

The sequence doesn’t end here. Hovering above this chain of events is our awareness, acting as a form of metacognition, overseeing the entire process. This awareness has the capability to contextualize and interpret the potential consequences of our desires, thoughts, and actions, determining whether they are positive or negative.

The key to this understanding is discernment. At every stage, from the inception of a desire to the aftermath of an action, we have the ability to evaluate whether it is leading us toward ‘a hell yes’ or ‘a heaven yes’. A ‘hell yes’ is a desire that might provide short-term pleasure but could result in long-term negative consequences. This discernment acts as our compass, guiding us to healthier choices and better consequences.

Our reality today is a direct reflection of how proficient we’ve been at discerning and responding to our desires, at entertaining thoughts, and the actions we’ve taken. It’s an echo of our past discernment – the outcomes of our choices. So as we look at our lives, we can recognize whether we’re living positively or negatively based on these consequences.

Navigating life isn’t just about moving from one stage to the next, it’s about understanding the journey and making conscious choices. So, let’s keep exploring, discerning, and learning from the journey.

How to Implement

  1. Mindfulness Meditation: Practice mindfulness meditation daily. This practice cultivates the ‘observer’ aspect of our mind, the awareness you spoke about. It helps us to be more in tune with our thoughts and emotions, including desires.
  2. Identify Desires: Regularly take time to identify and articulate your desires. They may come in various forms – desires for material things, experiences, or personal growth. Recognize that these desires are neither positive nor negative, they just are.
  3. Assess Your Desires: After identifying your desires, evaluate them. Consider the long-term consequences of these desires being fulfilled. Ask yourself: Is this desire a ‘hell yes’ or a ‘heaven yes’?
  4. Thought Patterns: Notice the thoughts that emerge from these desires. Are they leading you toward actions that align with your long-term well-being and goals?
  5. Intentional Action: Before taking action, ask yourself if this is in line with your values and long-term goals. Are these actions likely to lead to positive or negative outcomes?
  6. Reflect on Outcomes: After the consequences of your actions have unfolded, take time to reflect. Were the outcomes positive or negative? Did your actions lead to the results you intended or expected?
  7. Adjust Accordingly: Use your reflections to inform future actions. If the outcome was positive, what can you learn from that? If it was negative, how can you adjust your actions in the future to avoid similar outcomes?
  8. Cultivate Compassion: Remember to be gentle with yourself throughout this process. We all have desires that lead us astray, and we all make mistakes. The important thing is to learn from these experiences and continually strive for growth.

This process encourages an ongoing cycle of awareness, discernment, action, reflection, and adjustment, aligning you more closely with living a life of ‘heaven yes’ choices.

From the Void

In the emptiness, the silence, the void,
Desire arises, unbidden, unalloyed.
It emerges from nothing, from the unknown,
A seed in the darkness, quietly sown.

Neither evil nor saintly, desires just are,
Kindling for thought, a guiding star.
Thoughts give birth to actions taken,
Crafting reality, the world in the making.

Outcomes emerge, results unfurl,
In this whirlwind dance, this human twirl.
But above it all, awareness shines bright,
A beacon in the void, our guiding light.

Discernment, our compass, helps us to see,
What serves us, what binds us, what lets us be free.
A “hell yes” or “heaven yes”, each desire can be,
The key is in discerning, in truly learning to see.

Today’s reality, the consequence of the past,
A testament to choices, shadows we cast.
Navigating life, from the void to the now,
Is a journey of learning, a sacred vow.


Imagine a large canvas, starting completely blank, signifying the void. In the middle, draw a spark or a seed, representing the initial desire. Then, let lines or branches grow out from this seed, symbolizing the thoughts.

On each branch, add leaves or fruits symbolizing actions, and shadows or sun rays representing their consequences. Above all this, depict an eye or a light, representing awareness overseeing the entire process.

Incorporate darker shades for ‘hell yes’ choices and brighter shades for ‘heaven yes’ choices, illustrating the discernment between actions leading to negative or positive outcomes. This can be an evolving piece, reflecting your journey of self-awareness and discernment.