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Full Potential

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Re-birthing the Inner Child

Today is quite a special day for me as it marks the 38th year of this physical existence.

Today Is a a celebration of rebirthing the inner child. This means celebrating the silly, the playful, more joyous and free aspects of ourselves.

This whole idea of adulthood is over rated. Who wants all the responsibility? *smile* and this idea of getting old, no thank you. I might have been here longer than when I first started but I am in an even better position to play and enjoy this life as I have more experience and resources.

What I do let go of is immaturity, impulsiveness and destructive behaviors that I have already explored. These childish behaviors need not run anymore to know their consequences. I have explored so much in this life and repeated many things just to make sure it was THAT behavior that caused it. I am now free to be child-like in the realms where playfulness and giving myself permission to be totally free only leads to more enjoyment.

And the good news is none of us have to wait until our birthday to experience the joy of child-like play and wonder.

* Be curious today about the things you don’t know or haven’t explored.

* Be willing to surrender the serious adult and ‘for the part of you that seeks expression in spontaneous and shamefully open ways.

* Above all give yourself permission to drop your responsibilities to simply be in the moment, sing, dance in the rain, hug a stranger. Ask a silly question. Do something that brings a smile to your face and others around you, as you bring a sense of surprise and newness to your life.

The more we can back into our child like play and turn boring spaces into playgrounds, the more our creativity will flow. Unleashing the inner child is the best thing we can do to start the free-flow of ideas, comedy, of art, poetry, music, of creation. To be childlike is to suspend judgment and simply allow.

Thank you friends and family for your positive words and wishes on this day. May you also be blessed with the gift of unleashing your inner child on this day and having more fun than usual 🙂