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Full Potential

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Create Reminders to Cue Important Actions, and Make Them Visible

It’s been a while since the last post. Mostly because I changed up my habits and I haven’t been executing daily on creating a new post. More than anything the time between my last post is indicative of how easy it is for time to slip between actions if you don’t have a daily reminder for the things you want to do.

That’s really what today’s lesson is .. to execute on what you want to consistently its important to be reminded.

I have done this through a simple google spreadsheet where I store all my habits. I have skipped around trying different habit tracking apps etc. but I always return to it, simply because I always use my browser, and I created a bookmark shortcut at the top left. I see it every time I open my browser.. and its so easy to just go in there and check my habits.

On my phone I have also sorted the most used, or apps I wish to use the most from top left to right. I also implemented the widgets into my phone that all I have to do is scroll to my left to see my day / week at a glance.. the the things I want to focus on or see at a glance.

So think about how to optimize your habits through putting your book marks top left in your browser. Putting apps from top left to right depending on what you want to execute on. And putting widgets that help you bring up the information you quickly want to see and focus on.

These daily reminders and easy access for visibility will help you use technology instead of having technology use you. The lesson today is quite simple: the easier and more visible you can make the things you want to focus on, the more likely you are to see and focus on them!