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Christ Consciousness, Mas Christo, and Reinventing What Christmas Means

A beautiful new day with celebrations happening all over the world. What does it mean for you?

Christmas. Hanukkah. Más Christo. Returning to source? Birthing anew. Or just chilling out while most of the world takes a day off.

We are celebrating our own version of it called Más Christo.. which just means bringing more Christ Consciousness into this day and for the rest of the week and into the new year.

A group of 12 of us have gathered to celebrate Más Christo and explore what it means.

Last night we had a fire circle and took a micro dose of mushrooms. We sang. We laughed. We waited for midnight, the birthing of Christ Consciousness in astrological terms.

Today we have gathered as tribe .. meditating, singing, mantras, down to the river for a rebirthing. A mindfulness walk and now breakfast .. actually brunch being made as I write this.

Todays post is just showing you how creative we can all be as humans and not need to repeat the same things. We can make up our own holidays and reinvent what Christmas or this holiday season means.

We also get to create what the new year means. What do you want it to mean?

I would like to see 2023 be one of the best years yet. And a year of awakening for the world. Bringing all the new systems and solutions online and creating a parallel reality from the one we are living in today that relies less on government and big corporations and becomes a network of sustainable solutions made up of conscious people that want to be part of the new Earth.

Let’s see how it goes. And if anything here resonates with you please share in comments below and consider us on the same team.

All the best to you and your family this holiday season. See you soon. With love.