Full Potential

Full Potential

Level 10 Your Life

Building the Bridge and Enjoying the Process

Every day is an opportunity to optimize

Every day is an opportunity to be better. To do something better.

If you wish to seize your day, make reality better. Build a bridge from where you are to where you want to be. If Point A is where you are, Point B is where you want to be, and the only thing stopping you from getting there is a bridge.


Most people believe they have to get across the bridge themselves but the reality is that we can greatly shape and influence the lives of others as we are all meant to move across together, not just as individuals.

Rather than having individual goals its better if we can share them.. not just letting others know about our goals but creating goals big enough that we can encompass others and that we all want to move there together.

There is magic in synergy. There is magic in bonding over a shared vision and plan. There is magic in creating it together. And besides, its a lot more enjoyable to experience something with others who have earned the reward with us. Celebrating is always better with others.


The bridge construction requires understanding things like – what you’re working with: understanding the strengths of you and your team, the materials / resources you have available, and a design for the kind of bridge you want to build. And then executing in an efficient enough way, to create a stable structure (business or career) to support you and everyone else with you from where you are now to where you want to be. We’ll go more into how to build the bridge with others in a later post, for now it begins with YOU and how you manage your own energy and focus. What are you committed to?


Today I choose to live my Full Potential. Through my deeds, my thoughts and my behaviors

To be a more optimized version of myself. To be a better human. Today I choose to be aware of how my actions effect my experience in life. To make the better choice. To run the better game. To choose the higher path. To be my higher self.

Today I make the choice that no matter what I’m going to do more, be more, earn more, enjoy more .. as it’s in the more that I get my zest for life. It’s in the more that I am I am excited for what is coming up. And I will put equal emphasis on enjoying what is already here as I know nothing in this life is guaranteed and the kind of life I’m living right now is truly a blessing!

In affirming who I am and what I am and where I’m going I make a declaration to the universe for this or something better. And as I steadily work towards it – I make my resolve clear!


Today I will get out my head more and be more in my body, taking actions that bring fulfillment to me and others. I will get the necessary sleep and move forward at a pace that suits me.. I will remember to breathe and be in zero point in as much of my day as possible to bring greater clarity, stillness and calmness to my mind and body.

I will use my breath as a reference point, not time or completion of tasks. I will be still with my breath and enjoy what this day has to bring. Leaving plenty of room for surprise and intrigue. I will allow myself permission to relax and enjoy this day.