The Art of Living Life

Every moment a choice. Every choice a result. Every result an experience.
The art of life is in making the right choices.
We have freedom of will. Freedom of decision
The most important decision – where to focus our energy.
The gift of energy – the most precious, priceless gift
From where does it come from? From source.
Always connected to source, in every moment.
Gifted this precious energy to decide – where shall I use it?
The choice to be. To do. To create. This precious life force energy.
Breathing in — no need to rush.
Rushing is an illusion. There’s enough now to fill all your moments. Enough moments to fill all your now. The results that come from slowing down are perhaps more rich than the results you experience from speeding up.
You are rich in energy. Be calm. Be wise. Be thoughtful in how you use it.
This is the art of life.

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