1 – A level 10 life begins from the inside out, beginning with the heart space and expanding out to our mind & body space, our physical living space, then our neighborhoods, community, region and world.

2 – It’s in our best interest to improve all spaces no matter what level we feel we are at. Our potential only gets higher and higher.

3 – There are 7 major life areas that if left unconscious or neglected, can cause massive unnecessary suffering: (1) Physical, (2) Mental, (3) Spiritual, (4) Social, (5) Emotional, (6) Financial, (7) Environmental

4 – There are proven strategies for developing these key areas that can lead to a happier, more empowered life and planet. Our goal here at is to continuously research best strategies and share them with the world.

5 – Strategies are taught by different teachers through a variety of communication channels. Email, blog, books, audios, videos, workshops, retreats. Each teacher and channel has its benefits. And the the highest benefit we feel comes through immersion at one of our retreats.

Full Potential 101 Academy

James Rick Stinson the founder of Full Potential, also known as “Mr.” has written over 7 books and has interviewed over 250 experts and authors on what it takes to live a Full Potential life.

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