Full Potential

Full Potential

Level 10 Your Life

Freewriting to Clear Your Mind

Hello Full Potential Beings! How is it going today? Here’s its another beautiful day. The sun is shining and I am happy to breathe this fresh air and be alive. The animals are playing. And there’s a new opportunity to upgrade life even more. Freewriting I find it helps to start my day with free … Read more

Unleashing Your Full Expression

Hello Full Potential Beings! It’s a beautiful new day in this world and there’s surely something to feel grateful for in just being alive! Today we’re about to go off to the Feria, which is the local farmers market here. Then we plan to dial in some of our offerings for the local community and … Read more

Happy New Year – What Changes Will You Make? Try Less Screen Time ;)

Happy New Year! According to the Gregorian Calendar that is. In case you’re interested in the history of calendars and how this whole business of tracking time started you can do a little search on Wikipedia or here: https://www.calendar.com/history-of-the-calendar/ Today we are starting with an Indian Feast. Last night for the first time I didn’t … Read more

What’s The Benefit of Planning?

Hello Full Potential beings, Happy New Day! It’s about to be Happy New Year according to this man-made time cycle we call a calendar. It feels good to be alive another day. We have plans to celebrate on the beach today with friends from the mountain and I am excited about that. Each day I … Read more

This Life is For Dreaming

A beautiful new day is coming to a close. We just played music and sang prose. This life is for dreaming Make sure you get it right But even if you don’t. I am sure everything, will still be alright. Full PotentialJames Sunheart is a student of personal development and spiritual growth. He is passionate … Read more

One Kind Deed = 8,000,000,000

Happy New Day Full Potential Beings. The days they feel like they just keep coming. The gifts of abundance.. are here. In the form of the miracle of life. Breathe and be satisfied. Everything else is a bonus. What will you do today to brighten your life? What about someone else’s? One kind deed .. … Read more