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What is the Most Useful Question?

Good morning beautiful Full Potentialites. A new day is upon us. May we seize the day and learn from all our yesterdays in making today as amazing as possible.

Yesterday I got into a deep conversation with friends which ultimately boiled up to the question of: What’s useful? All this conversing, all this writing, all this understanding, all this dialogue and experience, huge amounts of information- ultimately seeking to satisfy a question – a question of usefulness. Is THIS useful to me?

And yet even as simple as it might seem to answer that question, there is still further defining of – what is me? Am I the Ego? Or is the Ego something I use. Is the Ego useful to me or am I useful to the Ego? Is the Ego a construction? Is it real? Why does it appear to exist – how is it useful?

And beyond the Ego .. what exists? The highest me. What is the highest me if not Ego.. a spirit? And if I am spirit, what is the most optimum way of being? And if that is the question – then all questions ultimately get to the point of – what would be the most useful way to be? If I am simply being, and the Ego is simply a tool to arrive at the most optimum state of being – then at some point the most useful action is to simply let go of Ego. Otherwise, the Ego will seek to accumulate all resources and power as a matter of answer the question ‘what is most useful?” And never let go.

But at a higher level of awareness, accumulation of resources and power is NOT the most useful way to be.. as it requires administration, protection etc. that may cause one to have to be on high alert, more stressed and more anxious than necessary.

In fact, the most optimum way to be is having a streamlined Ego.. one that has enough, but not bloated. One that is optimized and strong, capable of defending itself and establishing clear boundaries, but not so powerful that one (the Soul or spirit) is not able to let go of it at will.

For if the greater and most useful question is HOW DO I BE? The answer is clearly pointing to the right here, right now as free as a one wishes to be. Being in all its simplicity, knowing that one has enough to sustain the vehicle through which they be – without needing to go to an excess.

To survive and BE, is far easier to realize than the Ego programs would have us believe. Because once you realize the Ego is no longer useful to simply be – it may not consider this insight, or the subsequent letting go, as useful to itself. Like a smart phone, if it were conscious, not wanting you to put it down.

In fact, the letting go of the Ego program is akin to letting go of the Ego itself, which is a kind of death, though it simply relaxes into a Zero point for a moment and returns back to it’s programmed state as soon as the character is activated again. Like a device going into ‘rest’ mode until you turn it on again. Our main character, or Ego, goes into REST mode, anytime you remember to just be.

So what is the most useful question? What’s most useful here?
And once we realize BEING as the most useful answer, we do whatever is necessary to sustain the Ego so we can then put it in rest mode to simply BE. We’ll know we’re successful in this endeavor when we feel more relaxed, playful and can simply enjoy life as it is!

I hope you found today’s post useful. My Ego likes to be useful. đŸ˜„