Full Potential

Full Potential

Level 10 Your Life

Unleash Your Inner Dragon

Let them be.

Your life. your choice. Unleash your inner dragon of white purity.

Hot white lion of light. Be the love. Fiercely guard the truth. Be alive. Step forward. Be brave. Be courageous. It takes strength to lead. Be the example. Show proof of nobility. Be grace. Divine wisdom embodied. Be discipline. Show courage in act. Respond accordingly. There is no death, only life. Act accordingly. Be alive in your will. And respond accordingly. We are here to demonstrate, love in pure form. May we make that choice. May we come together. May we be as one.

For it has often been said, this or that. That which is this now. This time. For to be alive, is to be in the play. Act accordingly. What is this life but a scene. In this scene, who do you choose to be? How will you respond to the life around you.

For it is in this life. This play. That we respond to life. It is not for the character to fear death or being removed off scene. But rather, to enjoy thoroughly the time on stage. It is not for the actor to know of what life is like off stage, but to thoroughly immerse in the moment. Lest the mind of the actor wander. It is entirely possible to remain present and enjoy thoroughly the experience. May the environment support thee in thy experience.

For it is the wander, the explorer, the adventure seeker, the curious ones that eventually come upon the right doors. Trial and error galore. Discovery is more important. The process is part of the journey. The journey is to be had by all – who go beyond their mortal claims. We must rise into our potential, by standing in the eternal flame. Fear not evil, nor wrong. No harm be undone, and no harm be your undoing. Lest it be you that’s causing. For in the North when the Sun is long, the hour comes quick. And shifting sands. Blowing in the wind. It is not to grasp. Let it be. We are creatures from the sea. How quickly one forgets. How easy to upset. Let us always beget, more light. Seeds from seeds. Easy as the breeze. Let the gentle nudges swarm . Let the shadows dissolve us warm. We are light and ecstasy. We have always been free. Let the enduring light of night pass through the clouds. May we sing aloud. Delight in our dance. Revel and prance. The feast is here. The night is clear. The day is pure. Let us be our chosen stance. And let life be our romance. Fall in love with the creator.