Full Potential

Full Potential

Level 10 Your Life

Organization Feels Good

When one is organized, one feels order within.
This orderliness feels like cleanliness.
A tidy environment is a tidy mind.

The effort put into organizing the physical environment, making it aesthetically pleasing, cleaner and easier to feel a sense of order.. helps to shift and shape consciousness itself.
The outer world is only a reflection of the inner world. Outer chaos then can produce inner chaos. Inner order is reflected in outer orderliness.

It can be difficult to maintain orderliness if there is a lot going on in your exterior but all the more important to remain fixed on what you wish to create and what you have control over.


We may not control everything in our environment but we can start with whatever we do have control over, beginning with our own mind. And our mind is easily influenced by our breath. So if we start taking control of our breath, move our awareness to different parts of the body to relax them. Then to the mind and notice what’s going on there. Then gently to our outer ‘shell’ our body.. and how we dress and clean the body. Then to our next layer, the physical environment – beginning with the bed we sleep in, to the room, to the house if we have a degree of control over it’s orderliness and tidiness.


Then from there I suggest having a white board to write down thoughts and remind yourself in the physical (in a non-digital way) what you’re intending to focus on . .tracking time and writing down what next steps look like for you.


Another form of tracking I use is chipits.. two jars, one for habits I’m going to do and another for habits I’ve already completed.. I move the habits from one jar to the next through the day. And I also line up the ones I haven’t done in a timeline to know what I’m going to do next so I don’t lose focus or get distracted , especially when I get on a screen.


Managing attention as your most valuable resource will help you design life more according to your design rather than the whims of chance.

For evidence, just look at the experience you’re having now and ask yourself how much of it has to do with how well you managed your attention in the past.

Now imagine if you manage your attention well for the next year , two years, five years and beyond what your new reality might look like.

To make yourself mindful of how you manage attention it can help to track your time, keep an activities log, or a food log.. to do daily / weekly / monthly reflections at the end of each period. Just to keep referencing your reality and making sure from an objective point of view, is it of your making? What do you need to change? Where can you allow more flow into your life? Not always having your hand on the wheel of control can be helpful to allow what really wants to enter your life to flow in.


I hope you find this advice helpful, I’m practicing it in my own life every day and it’s my desire to upgrade all of us, especially those of you reading this – so we can co-create a paradise on Earth. Which is as simple as all of us managing our time here effectively and acting from a place of kindness and care for one another while we work to create the life of our dreams and share it with others.