Full Potential

Full Potential

Level 10 Your Life

Optimize Your Environment to Reflect Your Dream Life

Good Morning to you on this beautiful new day wherever you are. Writing as it comes and allowing it to source through me in this very moment. The most important reflections are the ones you make about yourself. The lens through which you see yourself is ultimately determining how you feel and what you will attempt or not attempt in this life at this time.

So how can you clean the lens and see yourself more purely? Begin by tidying up your environment. Your outer is a reflection of your inner. And the easiest way to see yourself more clearly is to start with your outer environment. Organizing, clearing, de-cluttering and having only the essentials in front of you will help you know what you want to to focus on, what’s important to you and get more clear on your WHY.

There’s a reason why you entered human form and that you’re not just formless being floating in the astral realms somewhere. And you can use the environment to your advantage because it’s more stable than the ever changing mind. So when you’re inspired, clean and organize your environment, use white boards, use note books, use mind maps. Use vision boards. Use anything that you can to remind you of the person you want to become, what is your vision for highest version of self. And put the things around you the highest version of you would want to interact with. Want to play the guitar? Put it at your side at all times. The piano? Put it somewhere you want to go and play it. Want to write? Create a little writing nook with your favorite teas nearby. Create the environment that draws you in and makes it easy. And then make whatever it is you want to do as push button ready as possible. The less resistance there is to your environment becoming the doorway to accessing the inner experiences you want to have.. the more likely you are to enter the flow you wish to engage in.

So look at your environment today with new eyes and ask yourself what kind of person do you want to be, what kind of projects, goals, hobbies or interests would you like to explore on a regular basis? How can you reorganize your environment to reflect the kind of person you would be if you had that kind of environment?

Take a picture of different parts of your environment and caption it.. what do you see objectively? What is that person interested in? What are they likely to do there? What do you see? Keep adjusting your environment and taking a new snapshot until you feel that your outer reflects your inner world’s dreaming. As it does, you’ll feel a more seamless flow between who you are on the inside and what you’re seeing on the outside.