Full Potential

Full Potential

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Mind Map Your Life

It’s a new day to be alive amen. I appreciate those that are finding these full potential posts and want to realize their full potential in life and are finding them helpful.

One thing I have been actively doing that’s helping a lot is mind mapping. Not just ideas but my day, my upcoming week and my future most optimized self.

It really helps me to see things visually and to break down complex ideas. I find that each time I go in there I find new clarity.

I am really interested in doing a Zoom call around mind mapping your life and how to do it, and offer the first session free. So if you are reading this and would like to inspire me to do a free Zoom call around how I mind map my life and how you can too, for greater clarity and productivity , just email me: James @ fullpotential.com RE: Mind Map Your Life

And if you are the first person to message me I will share with you a link to my private sharecast to help you with your next steps!

So if you haven’t checked out mind maps as a way to Get your mind more organized I highly recommend it! The one I use is called IThoughts .. You can download on the App Store and google play store.

If you do happen to go for it on your own right now please send me a screenshot of how you mind map your life 🙂 I would like to see it

Here’s an example of mine for today: