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Interdependence: The Idea That We All Rely on Each Other for Support and Growth

You might be familiar with the concept of money as a resource. Which is really just a ledger system that is meant to represent human cooperation at a granular level (More on this later). What does it mean to rely on each other and be a resource to each other? Not just financially but in other ways as well?

As Chat GPT described in an earlier post (https://fullpotential.com/blog/what-i-mean-when-i-say-connection-with-others/ ): Interdependence suggests that we are not just isolated individuals, but rather, we are part of a larger network where each person’s well-being is connected to the well-being of others. This reinforces the idea of people being a resource to each other. The concept of interdependence could be introduced to further emphasize the idea that we all rely on each other for support and growth.

Concrete examples of interdependence include:

  • people collaborating on a project
  • seeking advice or mentorship
  • offering emotional support during difficult times.

In addition

  • Being a subscriber to my Youtube channel for example increases awareness of my content (Just search James Sunheart), improves visibility on the algorithm and helps me reach more people. This means that you are a resource by being a subscriber or otherwise engaging in content that will becoming increasingly visible and thus more valuable over time. This means you are also a resource to others .
  • As others become subscribers, my content and their contribution through engaging with the content in a way that’s meaningful — becomes a resource.
  • Super abundance happens when we all give from a place of strength. When we see that we are more than the numbers that represent our value. And that we are capable of giving so much more than what our bank account might say.

Emotional intelligence to enhance the quality of connections with others.

As Chat GPT said in the former post:Emotional intelligence involves understanding and managing one’s own emotions, as well as empathizing with and responding appropriately to the emotions of others. Developing emotional intelligence can lead to stronger connections and more effective collaboration.

When you learn how to become more emotionally intelligent (through greater awareness) you develop stronger connections, better communication and more effective collaboration. When a person knows you are aware of them and want to take care of them – they often respond in kind.

The importance of self-awareness and personal growth.

As Chat GPT said in last post: Understanding one’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as continuously striving for improvement, can lead to a more fulfilling life and enable individuals to better serve as a resource for others.

Self awareness allows us to see ourselves in relation to others. As well as how they are responding to us. Emotional intelligence helps us to see deeper into the impact we are making on them and also how they are impacting us. This interdependence can inspire a desire for personal growth. To have more enjoyable experiences. This is the true nature of relationships when we iron out all the wrinkles of our character and have a pure connection with someone. Driven by the desire to “feel better”. This often begins with connections that are uncomfortable at first.


It’s normal not to have the best of connections at first, but as you become more self aware, more morally and emotionally intelligent, and strive towards personal growth – your connection and your experience of others willingness and desire to collaborate with you will improve.

This post was inspired by Michael’s question and the response from Chat GPT that said: By introducing additional concepts and examples, such as interdependence, emotional intelligence, and self-awareness, you can further emphasize the importance of fostering strong connections with others and maximizing the potential of these relationships.

I hope you feel more clear on this answer, Michael and anyone else that reads this post!