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Full Potential

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How to Reprogram the Mind with Reminders


There’s a voice running in your head, right now. As it reads these lines, it might actually be reading them aloud, in your head, or picking up key words. But for a moment, your mind is now intersecting with my thoughts and as you read, this voice reads.

But when you stop reading, your voice will return to its own track.. thinking whatever it does. This is the first part of mind. The ‘monkey mind’ as Buddhists refer to it, wandering across all the information your consciousness has ever absorbed, sifting, sorting, trying to figure out what is most important.

Often the mind may feel confused or conflicted as it sorts through this information. CLARITY happens when there is a breakthrough or emphasis on a resulting thought. The Eureka moment when the sifting has yielded something valuable. And that value is ultimately determined by something that will help a deeper need get met.

Those deeper needs burn beneath the surface, driving the thought process.


You may have heard of the third eye as a focal point for meditation or imagination. But why the 3rd eye? The eye within your mind is actually first. By naming it the first eye, you literally create the reality of prioritizing it.


By creating and placing reminders in your physical external environment to serve as cues for your INNER VOICE and your FIRST EYE .. you begin to reprogram your mind.

By designing your external to cue the internal, your outer environment serves as trigger for the INNER REALITY you want to create. This will in turn have an obvious effect on your ‘outer reality’ was well.


In an earlier post I mentioned the acronym C.A.U.S.E. which represents: Conscious Attentional Units of Spiritual Energy – these moment by moment experiences that flow through our consciousness.


There is inevitable and inescapable relationship between cause and effect. Everything you are experiencing right now is the EFFECT of prior causes. The causal chain goes so far back you cannot even see the totality of all causes that have lead to this moment. That’s what makes it magical and mysterious.

Through being conscious about where you put your attention, you begin to consciously direct the CAUSE that creates the EFFECT in your life. You may not have total control as there is a confluence of other causes, including the direction of consciousness by various other life forms including other humans.

But by converting your own data into information, information into knowledge, knowledge into wisdom and converting that knowledge into written, audio or video ‘REMINDERS’ of what you’ve already discovered and maintaining a routine of REMINDING yourself of that wisdom – you will create a highway to these breakthroughs that will help you operate with greater effectiveness in maintaining clarity and TAKING ACTION in the direction that feels most aligned with what you have determined is in your highest.