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Full Potential

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How Can You Be Happier?

Happy days .. what do you do to be happy?

Daily Routine: I follow a daily routine that makes me feel accomplished and happy at the end of every day.

Even just crossing things out every day I have determined to be valuable, helps me feel in control of my day, disciplined and on track.

What system do you use? I have tried many systems. I now use a combination of a white board for offline tracking .. I just clear things as I complete them and enjoy seeing an empty board at the end of the day.

I also have a Google sheet I use to track habits where I have a list of all the habits and a column for sharing the things I did for the day in green.

I have also used habit tracking apps like Ticktick or productive.. but I keep going back to my simple Google sheet or white board.

Connections: I also pause and take time for the relationships that are important in my life. Always giving priority to important moments versus cramming as much as I can into one moment.

I find it helps when feeling anxious in social settings to simply deep breathe or even just do alternate nostril breathing where I: use my index finger to close one nostril, breathe in, then out through one nostril, then close that nostril and breathe in deeply and out the other nostril.

I have found that sometimes people enjoy finding out what I am doing and trying it with me. Breathing in sync together can be a wonderful way to harmonize at a deeper level beyond words!

Achievements: Beyond my daily habits and connections it feels good to move towards some goals and see progress every day. Which is actually quite easy at the moment as I am literally building a village and so I see the structures going up and making progress around me. Right now we have a green house and a small cabina going up.

Additionally we are creating an app called Cora Nation to offer an alternative way to manage a nation and its currency (life as a game)

I also see progress in my call center businesses and the management and sales of rentals I have in Costa Rica.

Plus I enjoy launching events like Paintball and talks here in my community in Costa Rica.

Seeing new things and making positively compounding effects through daily actions aligned with my longer term goals just feels good.. I actually get to see my power as a creator manifesting before my very eyes.

Leverage: One thing that’s important to mention that allows me to achieve a lot more in my 24 hours a day is this concept of leverage. People have been my greatest support in realizing all the dreams I have. With over 400 people in our organizing and an “RP” (responsible party) for any major project, I am able to clone myself and compliment strengths across a variety of projects.

Overall the thing that makes me happiest is the free time I have to do what I truly want to do.. and also FLOW as much as possible with as few things scheduled and committed as possible.

I have a nice balance between work, play and rest. And I feel very purposeful with my time. Even when I am playing a game or watching a movie it feels good after I have completed a bunch of things on my list of things to do in a day.

By the way I really enjoy creating my to do lists on a mind map as it helps me to break down tasks into smaller chunks and work them out in my mind in real time as I write down something I want to do that may not be clear initially when I first jot it down. Check out some mind mapping apps if you have never tried them before. For a visual learner and doer like me it’s a heaven sent and makes my to do lists way more dynamic and fun.

Maybe in the future I will do a more detailed video on how I manage my mind map. But for now this should set you on your way to a happier day!

I love getting feedback so let me know in comments below!