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Full Potential

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God Perspective

Words have the power to maintain focus on a certain topic or area or craft the lens through which we see the world. How you view the world, or even what’s in front of you right now is perhaps the most important DECISION that you aren’t even aware you’re making.

Once you get conditioned into seeing people or the world in a certain way, often only slight updates are made to that perspective. That’s why they say first impressions matter a lot.. and depending on how we structure our information we can easily start putting things into categories, labels and boxes that help us sift through the new information quickly so that it FEELS familiar.

The only problem with this fast sorting of new information is that we can start relating with the world from a conditioned perspective, a kind of semi-automatic ‘program’ that runs in response to the things we think we already know about the world, rather than with fresh eyes, or more importantly from a GOD perspective.


The God perspective I’m talking about here is one in which God is the witness of everything, but THROUGH the individual lenses. And you are only privy to the lens through which you can see, yet you are still apart of the greater GOD perspective. In fact if you can even imagine what it would be like to see through multiple perspectives at once, you are getting closer to imagining what it would be like to experience omnipresence. Or the power to be in multiple perspectives at once.

From the God Perspective, I am simply living through this individual vessel, this is my creation. I collapse back into timeless perspective after this creation is done. I don’t fear death because I don’t die. I don’t feel separate, because I’m not. In fact, from this perspective there is no ‘out there’, because all separation is an illusion. It only appears like there is an ‘out there’ because I’ve put myself in a myriad of forms.

It can be easy to get caught up in the individual perspective, and feel the experience of the suffering or challenges of the individual you currently experience on an intimate level. This absorbs all of your awareness and reinforces the idea that you are separate, that you are alone, that you are just one small being. But when you free your perspective through meditation or simply attempting to imagine things from a bigger perspective, you can shift out of your individuality and see things from the bigger perspective.

The perspective that you might already be very familiar with and have just forgotten.


I was in a deep meditation and I felt like I was FALLING into something. I stopped myself from falling completely but the words that came to me in that meditation were clear as day: “there is no out there”. From this perspective, the idea that we have to do anything to unify or experience love is a false one. We are already unified, we have simply forgotten and allow what appears to be ‘out there’ to sometimes run our show. But if we let go of the idea that there is separation or that there is even an ‘out there’ that is separate from the greater I AM that I AM .. then I get closer to the truth of who I am.

Even as I write this.. I recognize that there is no out there. This means that I’m simply playing the role of a character that believes that the other aspects of myself needs to see or hear this , because I have forgotten who I am. But ultimately I am only writing to myself.. I am remembering who I am through this writing. Or by writing this, I feel like I know more about who I am. Either way.. I’m playing a pretty convincing game with myself of an ‘out there’ when in reality, I’m all right here. And the only way the illusion works is if I truly believe there is an ‘out there’ so by all means if I wish to carry on the game, I need to keep this idea going with convincing characters and situations.

Funny enough, during this collapsing process that I stopped, I felt like as soon as I exited fully from the game of ‘out there’ this whole reality would cease to exist in its current form. This felt a little like death and concerned me as that means that the way I relate with my family or friends would be totally different. I would know longer feel like I love my family and they are ‘out there’. Just from shifting my perspective, I might completely exit from this reality as I couldn’t maintain the illusion any longer. Meaning the ‘dream’ only maintains its integrity when I believe it to be a certain way. And when the perspective itself shifts closer to God Perspective, the reality itself becomes altered. Meaning, I truly am the creator of my reality especially at the most subtle levels of perception.