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Balancing Authenticity and Empathy: Tips for Effective Communication

Good morning Full Potential beings! My apologies for the delay since the last post. I have been actively living life and getting material to blog about! 🙂

Often some of the best material comes from where I see my biggest constraints or conflicts in life.

Yesterday was a perfect example of CONFLICT. I shared an experience with a friend. The expectation set was that we were going to “Jam & Journey”. I took a chocolate infused with cannabis and she took a little psychedelic mushroom in her tea.

The idea (I thought) was to free our expression and journey through music.

This is the first time that I have journeyed with this person. In the beginning it was cordial and quite casual. But as the medicine took stronger effect, I think we both felt looser with our communication.

When I do any kind of plant medicine I feel like a bigger channel in me just wants to open up and I actually love the feeling of being such an open channel I allow what wants to be expressed to come through.

So from what I can remember we shifted from a somewhat esoteric conversation about existence into song. I picked up my guitar and really allowed myself to fully express through singing.

She went out front and played the singing bowls I have that make an angelic harmonic sound when you encircle them with a specially made stick.

This was fine for a while and then we shifted back into conversation. I felt like there was resistance to however I was communicating so I decided to get my notebook out and really take notes .. this helps me listen better.

She seemed to not like the notebook idea either, feeling like she was being studied instead of having a more natural dialogue. I accepted that there wasn’t much I could do at that point to appease the walls of resistance that were up because earlier in the conversation she had felt talked about.

It’s true that I was excited and sometimes I can talk louder or over another person. However this sometimes also happens to me and I feel that once we’re aware of it we can only shift into a new moment and do better next time. However for whatever reason we couldn’t simply drop it until I fully acknowledged how wrong I was. I mentioned I didn’t feel wrong, I just felt like I needed to adjust my communication with her. Sometimes two excited people can talk over each other but they are still in synergy if they are excited about the same topic.

She interpreted my behavior as controlling and dominating. I accepted this interpretation and asked if we could move on.. but for whatever reason the energy kept escalating until with great anger she left the property.

Now I’ve done my best to capture the story the way I remember it, I recognize she may have an entirely different interpretation. Obviously however I was communicating or expressing was upsetting to her and however I was responding was not allowing her nervous system to settle enough to stay in the space.

Also I recognize that when doing plant medicines feelings and responses to situations are amplified .. on all sides. So I have to be more careful and set better expectations around a certain need for freedom of expression and open channeling of energy.

It’s important to point out that I made it very clear she could express however she wanted to express. I didn’t once ask her to modify her expression other than to stay on her side when it felt like she was getting a little aggressive. But I didn’t tell her to shut up or get softer, in fact when she was at her angriest point I told her this was good, let it out. But this wasn’t her desired response from me I guess, cause she stayed mad and left in a huff!

Nevertheless I thought I would call on AI to give a little insight into a better process for communicating next time and here’s what it said:

Balancing Authenticity and Empathy: Tips for Effective Communication

Description: Explore the art of communication that encourages authenticity while respecting others. Discover practical tips to master this delicate balance.


Life is filled with interactions. Each day, we navigate a myriad of conversations, each serving as an opportunity to connect, share, and learn. But how often do we stop and reflect on our communication style? Are we being authentic while also considering others’ feelings? Today, we’re diving deep into the art of balancing authenticity and empathy in communication.

1. The Power of Active Listening

Active listening isn’t merely waiting for your turn to speak; it’s about genuinely understanding and appreciating the other person’s perspective. This validation can create a safe space where ideas flow freely. Aim to comprehend before sharing your standpoint for a fruitful exchange.

2. Embracing Authentic Expression

Honesty paves the way for trust. Express your thoughts and emotions genuinely, yet thoughtfully. This authenticity encourages others to open up and fosters an environment of mutual respect.

3. Emotional Intelligence: Your Compass

Understanding your emotions and those of others can enhance interactions immensely. Emotional intelligence empowers you to empathize, regulate your feelings, and handle relationships judiciously, enhancing the quality of your dialogues.

4. The Art of Clear Communication

Keep your messages clear, concise, and easily comprehensible. Avoid overcomplicating things. The simpler your communication, the easier it is for others to connect with you.

5. Respecting Boundaries

Recognize and respect personal boundaries. This understanding promotes a secure environment where everyone can freely express themselves.

6. Cultivating Open-Mindedness

Acceptance is key. Appreciate different viewpoints, seeking to understand them even if you don’t agree. This openness encourages a respectful exchange of ideas.

7. Non-Verbal Communication: The Unsaid Words

Your body language, facial expressions, and tone of voice can significantly influence your interactions. Be mindful of these non-verbal cues as they contribute to the overall message you convey.

8. The Gift of Feedback

Constructive feedback can bridge communication gaps and foster mutual understanding. Embrace feedback and deliver it respectfully and constructively.

9. Setting Expectations

The crux of effective communication lies in managing expectations. Clarity from the outset can prevent misunderstandings and promote harmonious interactions.

10. Conflict Resolution: Turning Tides

Disagreements are an inevitable part of human interactions. However, honing your conflict resolution skills can ensure that disputes are resolved respectfully, maintaining the integrity of all parties involved.

Visualize each conversation as a dance. It’s about finding the rhythm, knowing when to step forward and when to step back. With time, patience, and practice, you can master the delicate art of communication, fostering an environment that encourages authenticity and respects others. Remember, the goal isn’t to conform to others’ expectations, but to express your true self while allowing others to do the same.

Isn’t that a good response? I particularly like the dance analogy. I will try to dance more effectively the next time I’m in an expressive space with people and try to find the harmony and rhythm together. Finding the discipline to step back when needed and see constraint as a strength too.