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5 Simple Steps to Get Where You Want to Go While Enjoying the Process

Optimizing work flow is probably one of the most important things you can do to be productive.
When you know what you want and have an idea for how to get there, work flow is the last piece.
It’s the step by step approach you’ll take, often times over the long term – to get where you want to go.
The more clear your workflow, the faster your progress, the higher the probability you’ll get where you want to go.


Figuring out what one even wants is the first step to knowing whether your workflow is going to get you there. How can you begin to optimize workflow if you don’t know where you’re headed. Getting clear on where you want to go can be very simple.. just ask, “What could be better than this?” And start moving in that direction.


Unless you’ve already been to where you want to go, you begin your journey with a theory.
Maybe I’ll take the mountains, or the river, or the sea, or over land or head north, or head south etc. You start with a theory of the fastest way to get there. And based on that theory you’ll begin to have an idea of who to ask.

For example

If you’re going to take the sea, you’d ask a sailor that knows the waters.
If you’re going to take the mountains, you’d ask a climber who knows the mountains.
If you’re going to cross by land, you’d ask a nomad who’s probably already been there.

In short, know that in the beginning you have nothing but a theory of how to get where you want to go and how to get there. So you start asking around and you’ll tighten up your theory into an actual strategy.


Soon you reach a point where you’ve moved from theory to strategy. You are now ready to test out your assumptions in the real world and see for yourself first hand, if your best theory is right. This is the exciting (and scary) party, but don’t let it stop you. Let the fears become your fuel as you move into a new and exciting chapter of your life. And don’t be in a rush, this is truly the longest part of life – the journey. And you aren’t even guaranteed to ever reach your destination, so you might as well enjoy the time you journey. This means noticing the little things along the way and appreciating every step as much as you can.


After you’ve committed yourself to a strategy and started taking action, it becomes very important to stay aware. Notice the little sign posts along the way. And listen to your intuition. The energy will guide you and you will become more attracted or repelled by the path you’re on. The more you’re on the right path, the more charged you’ll begin to feel by something beyond yourself. Even if its hard, and outwardly it looks difficult.. if you can find the fulfillment from what you’re doing, you’ll stay focused and on track.

Part of that fulfillment is noticing if you’re making progress towards your goal as well. So keep checking in and looking at your life from an objective and zoomed out perspective. Does it look like you’ll make it where you want to go if you keep doing what you’re doing? If not, don’t despair. All you’ve got to do is figure out what to change:

1 – Where you want to go?

2 – Your theory for getting there?

3 – The action strategy?

Continue to zoom out and not be attached to the HOW. Just knowing where you want to go and why it’s important will help you stay focused on the most important part about the journey – where you’re going. And allow you to relax again and enjoy the process.


One of the easiest ways to enjoy the journey is to recruit others to join you. If they share a similar vision and get excited by the same things, it’s likely you’ll enjoy each others company. Why journey alone when you can travel with like minded team mates. People who can help you stay grounded, stay focused, encourage you when you’re down and lift each other up in the face of challenges. Yes indeed, finding the right people to journey could be one of the most important decisions you make.

IN THE END it’s really up to you where you want to go, how you want to get there and who you want to travel with. You may or may not get to the destination, but what’s important is that you did everything you could to set yourself up for success and enjoy the process, this is what life is all about. Increasing the probabilities for getting where you want to go, while at the same time optimizing your enjoyment along the way. And the more like-minded people you can bring along with you, or contribute to along the way, the better!