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Rituals Pulling Me In, Mastering the Inner Voice

Beautiful new day here with my friends. I had a nice drop in with Emma before she left for dance. I thought it was going to be a chill Sunday and yet my rituals pulled me in and I did much of what I do every day, which is actually a great thing! I just want to do them.

In line with that I am doing my daily positive post and sharing what is the most important insight I had over the last few days.

Mastering the Internal Voice

I recognize how important it is to really tune into to the internal voice and not just here it but master it. Long before it even becomes something expressed from the mouth, catch it early.

So like right now as you read these words your internal voice might be tamed. It might repeat what it’s reading to really take it in. The moment you stop reading these words it might ask a question or start a new conversation in your head.

Then it might go back to these words again, and then find something new to focus on and then come back.

If we could observe the function of the internal voice it’s quite erratic. It moves from thought to thought from stimuli to stimuli. It’s not like a normal conversation. It starts threads without finishing them. Starts new ones in between others. It’s the process of analyzing and narrating everything coming in or everything that’s ever happened that might be related to the present or might just be a random thought.

In other words, it’s very hard to pin down and see exactly what the internal voice is saying because it’s all over the place and constantly being stimulated. This is what the Buddhist call the monkey mind.

Rather than get frustrated at it, realize it’s just doing it’s best to take in loads of information and make sense of it all. Not an easy thing to do with the amount of stimulus there is in the world.

But you also don’t have to be a victim. You can take control of the process and here’s how:

1- Listen: Close your eyes and notice what the internal voice might be saying at any given moment.

2- Redirect: Now that you are aware of the internal voice stream you can immediately redirect it by saying something like, “I am right here, right now”.. do this with every breath.

3- Continue 1 and 2: Your internal voice May have been operating for a long time on its own. Now that you are paying more attention to it you will become more aware of what it’s saying. And can redirect it.

Controlling the internal voice is a super power. You can use this power to also stop yourself from saying anything negative, unkind or unhelpful. And start being more aligned with your word and the person you want to become. Speaking positive words into existence.

It might feel like it takes a lot of effort to control the internal voice, one way you can exert more influence on it more easily, especially in the beginning is simply listen to positive affirmations. You will find plenty on YouTube. Just search ‘positive affirmations’

Take some time throughout your day to listen to these affirmations, even while meditating they can be helpful.

I am curious to hear how it goes. And if you feel called please leave some feedback in the comments below.