Full Potential

Full Potential

Level 10 Your Life

Clarity, Trajectory, Purpose and Function

To realize one’s full potential one must start from the recognition of where they are now, how they got here and the trajectory of where they are going if they stay on the same track.

Then consider what you’d need to change or do different if you want to increase the trajectory and be somewhere higher, farther, faster.

The acceleration of results is part of the excitement and drive of optimizing everything about your life

Who do you have to be NOW, what do you need to be doing, to be who and where you want to be later? Clarity around these things will help you find purpose and function relative to your true AIM.

For example when I was younger I knew I wanted to get to $100 k in the bank as quickly as possible and then $1 M as soon as possible, in fact my goal was to do it before 21.

These aims caused me to do radically different things in my life than other kids. For example I had my first office when I was 17 and I was working 7 days a week at first because I really had no idea what I was doing.

Over time I refined my actions and started getting closer to my goals. I began working 6 days a week instead of 7. And eventually when I surpassed my income goal, I shifted to just having the time freedom to live how I wanted.

As my aim shifted once again, my trajectory did too. In fact I just started to travel and enjoy life in the moment more and my financial reality plateaued for several years.

Now I am beginning, as a personal challenge, to set new financial heights as my needs have expanded beyond myself to include the development of a village and ultimately many villages. And a new system for how initially, a small segment of society can operate. Now my daily activities and goals align with this purpose and I am on a new trajectory.

The most important thing for you and you alone to decide is your aim. Then your purpose and function will rally around this day to day. And if you get good at identifying obstacles and executing on tasks you can speed up the results. Plus if you can organize teams and create a functional business ‘machine’ to reach your aim, you can significantly speed up the process.