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Full Potential

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Healing Sustainability and Perfect Balance

Hello Full Potential Beings. It’s a beautiful new day.

We recently had a San Pedro ceremony involving the medicine of this special cactus, also known as Wachuma.. we all felt so deeply connected.. and it felt like I was feeling things on behalf of the collective as well.

Some of the biggest downloads I got were around “Healing Sustainability” and its all perfectly balanced. Healing is sustainable and sustainability is healing. And we all balance the entire universe out based on what’s in our hearts and how we serve light over darkness.

I felt so clear on these things that I was deeply emotional about feeling these truths. And it felt like everyone there could also deeply feel me and was holding space while I went through this very deep process of feeling everything. It truly felt like all our hearts were connected and we could feel each other so deeply!

I felt alive. Awakened. Clear. And sure about my mission on this Earth. To bring about healing sustainability to as many people as possible. Making healing as FREE as possible .. while also sustaining it (financially for example) so that I too can heal. And not feel the money pressure of trying to heal the world for free.

I can see clearly how to make Zen Village a healing center, make it accessible to many and multiply these healing centers around the world. To make Cora Nation at its core, about healing. To support people in the process of offering their healing arts to the world and try to make everyone as sustainable as possible as a group so that we can truly heal the world in the biggest way possible.

It’s an inspiring vision and I’m excited to see how to implement it into the 3d. I would not have felt it so strongly if it weren’t for my sensitivity. But its also my sensitivity that may be the reason why my physical body is experiencing physical pain at my heart center. It all feels connected.

Key points:

1 – If you are feeling very sensitive around energies, it can feel like both a blessing and a curse. Do try to find the blessing in it and how you can channel that gift into yourself and then to the world at large.

2 – How can you apply “Healing Sustainability” into your life. Feeling that your life is going to be sustained while you share your healing gifts? How can we all do this together sustaining each other while we serve the greater mission of healing the world? I have some ideas I’ll share soon.

3 – Take some time to meditate on how all things are perfectly balanced and how YOU are a part of that balance. Without you things may not be so balanced.. and so your light and the service you bring to the world, keeps the darkness and denser energies in balance. Just your presence is an important piece to the greater puzzle!

That’s it for today. Have a lovely rest of your day! <3