Full Potential

Full Potential

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Create a Daily Mind Map for Clarity

Happy new day full potential beings! The day is off to a terrific start.

Decided to run this morning to the nearby waterfall. The sun is shining and I just had a nice cold plunge here..

So today I have really been getting clear on what I want to focus on. And I think this little shift with the mind mapping tool is going to be very helpful.

I just created a new mind map for today called ‘Jan 12’ and I just put all the things I want to do today into that mind map.

I think I will start creating daily maps again and just have a separate ‘big picture’ mind map that I can refer to for direction occasionally.

This way my daily map is quite clear, focused and relevant. And as I go about my day I will delete what I complete.

So by end of day I should just have a clear map. And I will just archive the mind map so if there’s anything left over I want to move into my new daily mind map (tomorrow) I can just move those things into it.

While it might seem like slightly more work to create a new mind map each day, I like the repetition of reinforcing or refining what I actually want to concentrate on. It somehow makes me feel more aware of my focus.

And it feels more relevant than having a big picture mind map all the time.

And relevancy I am noticing is really important for helping my mind feel very interested. So I feel more interested in today’s mind map than the one storing all the big picture stuff. And that interest is going to keep me more motivated to stay on track I believe

Here’s a quick snap shot of today’s mind map from a main bubble perspective.

That’s it for today .. lots of happenings but I will share more tomorrow. See you soon!