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Realizing Your Full Potential

Full Potential is the possibility before the power
Full Power is the materialization of potential
Full Potential is the possibility of that materialization
Power therefore is seen Potential is not — unless one has a vision of what is possible
ower is what is in existence now
Potential is the Tsunami of power before it makes landfall
The Hurricane before it arrives.
The potential for explosion before the explosion
Full Potential is nuclear energy before it divides
Full Potential is the great power before it becomes tangible
It is the concentration on Full Potential that enables one to be incredibly powerful upon releasing that into the world.
Realizing one’s full potential.. Unleashing one’s full Potential is letting go of that which has been held back.
The Full Potential of what is wanting to be realized.. and when realized.. it is the realization that is the power in material form. Realizing what one has sought to be, prepared to be, readied for being.. is the build up of potential.
The Unleashing .. the realizing .. that is where the preparation meets the manifestation .. the creation meets the creator
Where raw energy meets the material world.

Have to vs Get to

Our happiness is proportionate to our freedoms. When a spirit is free, it has the potential to be happy. If that spirit feels forced to spend it’s time anywhere other than where it wants to be – naturally it will become unhappy.

Full Potential Execution

An organization realizes its full potential in these four main areas.

The strength and clarity of its Vision, Team, Execution and ultimately it’s Results.


A clear vision begins with the inventor, innovator, founder or leadership of some kind. The ability to communicate that vision to the team will effect the ability to execute and create the desired end result.


A team that is excited about the vision will care a great deal to bring it into reality. So long as they are equipped with the tools and their basic needs are being met, to move up Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.. the vision is their opportunity for Self Actualization and ultimately Self Transcendence (if the vision is big enough)


For any individual or team to execute a vision a clear path must be established. In the above diagram we see that a free individual goes through experiences that develops beliefs. Those beliefs form the core of their value system and perspective. This perspective becomes the basis for their guiding principles – how they make decisions or evaluate their actions in life.

From here this path determines their focus.. what they focus on is a part of their ‘vision’ .. whether it’s something from the past that is blocked, in the present or in the future. Their state of self begins to orient itself or concentrate on this vision.

When a vision is fully ’embodied’ the body, heart and mind all get into coherence or harmony to help realize the result. This harmony can spread through an entire team and the experience can be magical.

The blue part the execution of this vision that every individual may go through and in some cases they come together as a team to bring it into reality.

Every mind whether conscious or unconscious of it has some level of purpose, goals, objectives (whys), prioritized actions and strategy for the realization of its needs or values.


These results feed back into the experience loop and the journey continues.

Why is it important?

Understanding this pathway for the realization of potential, as an individual or team is useful in breaking down the steps and consciously designing HOW you want to live your life.

For example early life experiences can GREATLY impact the path and trajectory of a life.. once you understand this you can go in and rewrite your mind at the most core level – belief systems and values, through new experiences and enough repetition.. and this will greatly effect the path and trajectory of your life.

We are just getting started..

The History of Me and This Site

Hello my name is James Sundance. This site has been an epic journey beginning almost 20 years ago when I first secured the domain FullPotential.com from a doctor that was dying of cancer.

Since then I have written 7 books, including one called “Unleash Your Full Potential’ interviewed over 250 experts and continued to optimize my life in every way to see how I can realize my full potential.

Before I really actively promoted Full Potential I wanted to make sure I was also first a living example. I may have waited longer than necessary to start sharing all of my insights but I feel now is the time! Join me on the journey as we actively realize our Full Potential together.


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