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Full Potential

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The Miracle of Timing: A Near Miss and the Art of Living

Life, in all its unpredictability, often presents us with circumstances that we would usually deem as accidents. However, these very moments can reveal themselves as miracles if we pause to perceive the underlying gift they present. Recently, an incident shook me to my core, and subsequently unfolded the most profound lesson about life and the divine.

It was a day like any other when Sol, my faithful canine companion, nearly encountered death. She was hit by a car, a sight that would make any heart shudder. The car passed over her, and for a moment, it seemed we had lost her. But life, in its most mysterious way, had other plans.

Sol didn’t just survive that terrifying ordeal; she came out of it astonishingly unscathed. She has no broken bones, no major injuries, and she can even run up and down the stairs as she used to. It was a moment of unexplainable relief and joy, a moment that seemingly defied the laws of probability and logic.

This event, as traumatic as it was, turned out to be a gift beyond the obvious miracle of Sol’s survival. It was a moment that brought me closer to something much larger than us, something divine. Witnessing Sol’s miraculous escape, with only a skinned face and leg to show for her ordeal, was a revelation. It demonstrated that something far greater than what we can comprehend is at play here. And for this, I am deeply grateful.

Such occurrences offer us a unique opportunity to count our blessings, to appreciate the everyday miracles that we often overlook. They remind us to delve deeper into our experiences, to find meaning and value in every situation. This, I believe, is the art of living. It is about finding appreciation for each moment, especially those rare peak moments when everything seems to align perfectly.

These moments of profound clarity, filled with lightness, joy, love, and fun, are the ones that truly matter. They teach us to be better observers, to realize that more of these beautiful moments are always within our reach. It’s about enhancing our appreciation for these instances, understanding that they are not just random, but rather part of a grand design.

The art of living isn’t about rushing through life, but about immersing oneself in the journey, one moment at a time. It is about acknowledging that even what may appear as accidents can be miracles, if we choose to see them that way.

In the dance of life, where timing is king,
Each moment a gift, each second a string.
A tale of a miracle, I’m here to bring,
Of Sol, my companion, and her near-death fling.

A car rushed forth, an unwanted guest,
Struck her down, put her to the test.
She lay there silent, her motion at rest,
A moment in time, a heart-wrenching jest.

But Sol, oh brave, rose from beneath,
No broken bones, just grit in her teeth.
She ran up and down stairs, her strength unsheathed,
A miracle unfurled, a sigh of relief.

A terrifying ordeal that came to pass,
Showed us life through a different glass.
A moment that brought me closer to the vast,
Invisible power that holds us fast.

A miracle disguised, in an accident’s cloak,
A divine connection, in misfortune, woke.
Beneath the chaos, a pattern spoke,
Of a grander design, beneath life’s yoke.

The art of living, in moments we find,
The blessings of life, to them we’re blind.
Deeper we must look, deeper we must bind,
To appreciate the gifts, in every kind.

Peak moments of joy, of love, and light,
Where everything aligns, feels just right.
These are the instances, shining bright,
Teaching us to observe, with keen sight.

Breathe in the journey, one moment a time,
In the dance of life, every step is prime.
Accidents or miracles, in this life’s chime,
Every moment closer to the divine.

So let us cherish, the miracle in the stray,
In the dance of life, there’s more than we may.
Every moment a gift, every night and day,
In the art of living, that’s the only way.

So breathe in and enjoy this magnificent journey called life. Cherish the miracles disguised as accidents, and let each day unfold its gifts. Because every moment, even the most unexpected ones, can bring us closer to the divine, closer to understanding the profound beauty of life.