Full Potential

Full Potential

Level 10 Your Life


Good Morning and Happy Full Potential Friday!

The day is off to a great start with catching the sunrise and sun-gazing. Followed by a meditation: Kundalini and 10 breath concentration meditation. Just drank copious amounts of water, took my probiotics and in the midst of a parasite cleanse so I have an interesting parasite cleansing concoction I take 2 – 3x a day before meals.

Doing a daily positive dose here, then I’ll journal and hit the beach for my run – where the morning routine continues.

Why do I do it and why do I log it here? First so you have an idea on the activities that I have determined to bring greater energy and fulfillment. I always want to know what some people do in the morning to start the day off right so that’s a little behind the scenes look at what I’m doing personally.


This life is all about focus – where one chooses to put their time or energy is the byproduct of thought. Think something often enough OR be cued to think the thought and it will translate to action. This action then leads to results or the life experience.

What do I mean by cued? I mean I have multiple kinds of triggers to help me stay on track with my routine and top focus. Everything from physical triggers such as ‘Chipits’ that I have created to remind of my habits (one chip for each habit that I transfer from jar to another when finished) to a white board for top priorities and meetings for the day, to mind maps for organizing my ideas & thoughts, to a google sheet that outlines all the habits, to a few habit tracking apps. To Ticktick and Things for adding new items that I need to work on.


I also consistently organize my physical and digital environment to support what I want to focus on. I find myself (perhaps a little too much) organizing and reorganizing the widgets and apps in my phone to get the ideal ‘setting’ for when I go into my phone to carry out my intentions and do what I’m here to do.


As a creator the easiest place to start optimizing your life is in where you put your attention. The physical environment and then the screens (placement of apps, widgets etc) should be continually optimized to deliver maximum benefit to you based on your intentions.

So think carefully – or better yet, write out what you actually care about, what you want to do, what you want to experience more of and then think about how you can organize your environment to remind you, cue you, and support you in the journey you’re choosing for yourself.


Without a clear compass, or optimized environment, you can fall victim to simply responding to an environment that’s totally random, or worse, one that was constructed in a way that doesn’t serve you, that you might passively accept.

In some ways this is what’s happening on a greater global level isn’t it? Many of us are living in a world we didn’t consciously agree on, and living inside the experiment of someone else’s world. But once we have the awareness we can change our immediate physical environment and start experiencing the empowerment of changing our lives through changing our bodies, our physical and digital worlds.. we begin to wonder – just how much influence we have on the broader environment and other people’s lives.

As we imagine that influence extending out we can see how as an empowered microcosm (small part) we can have a big effect on the greater macrocosm (larger part)


What’s important is that we choose to have a greater POSITIVE impact on the world – as it is takes far more energy to create something positive and long lasting than to simply destroy what’s already there.


One frame of reference I found helpful is to imagine you will be returning to this world a couple hundred years from now. The world this self builds now is the world you will be living in 200 years from now in a different body.. would you want to live in it?