Full Potential

Full Potential

Level 10 Your Life

C.A.U.S.E. : Conscious Attentional Units of Spiritual Energy

When you look after the Cause, the effect takes care of itself.
The most important resource you have is your life force or ‘spiritual energy’.
This energy is distributed across time .. in every moment in the form of attention.
This attention is controlled by focus. Where you choose to focus is a choice.

So let’s run through that one more time:
You are in control of your focus, through choice. Where you choose to focus, invests life force energy in the form of these ‘attentional units’. Once you’ve invested these attentional units, you never get them back. There is no savings account for attention, it’s just pure raw investment of consciousness. Which means the greatest care and value should be placed on your attention and where you choose to invest it.


One of the greatest questions in life is knowing where to focus attention. To even know that you have the power to focus it, and the choice of where you want to focus it – is what creates conscious living. The greatest challenge once you know you have this power is staying on top of it.

What I mean is that attention is going out in every moment. And unless we stay on top of it consciously, we give our energy to things that may not be very rewarding or worse, may not be what we truly want to give our attention to at all. When we are making this sunk investments with our attention, we immediately get feedback in the form of a feeling. Is this where we truly want to spend our time? Or our precious life force energy? That’s all these energetic reflections are – feedback for where you might better spend your precious spiritual energy.

When you stay on top of it.. it’s a moment by moment practice. This has been called meditation. This has been called mindfulness. And all it really is, is an awareness moment by moment, on where attention is going. Once you get to the level of observing attention – you are more ‘enlightened.’ And if you can keep your awareness on where your attentional units are going- you can stay more enlightened. Which is perhaps a greater challenge than occasionally remembering to tend to your attention and redirect it.

So the keys then are to know:
– Where is your attention going in any given moment?
– Where do you want it to go?
– You can change it immediately!

That’s the beautiful thing about all of this – that you can consciously shift where your attentional units of spiritual energy are going, the moment you decide to. This subtle shifting of attention is your greatest power and gift. And although the world around you may not immediately notice your shift – it’s there. And it’s as real as any accomplishment in the 3d. It just takes more TIME for your new focus to become more outwardly obvious to the rest of everyone else. That is to say, focus of these attentional units of a longer duration makes the shift obvious.

Focus is the real secret of achievement. For when you focus on the C.A.U.S.E., Conscious Attentional Units of Spiritual Energy going where you want them to go.. the Effect takes care of itself. Goals are only meant to assist you in knowing where you want to direct your focus. Creating and maintaining a system is the process or ‘path’ you use for your attention to flow towards your goal. And conscious noticing and directing in any given moment is the most simple, and yet most challenging step you can take.