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Speed up the time it takes to get your idea off the
ground and into profit.

create your own
money tree


It begins with an idea


With a little care it starts coming to life


With roots it begins to stablize


Soon your efforts start bearing fruit

Build your business in
3 easy steps


How do you want to setup your business? Founding/Co-founding. How & where to incorporate? Creating an org chart & building a team. Start right from the beginning.


How will you go from A to B? What are the habits, systems and procedures that you need to make the biggest impact day to day? What resources, people & tools do you need? What’s the easiest and most effective way to execute your strategy?


How do you get to that first sale? How do you multiply and scale the business?

What market do you serve, how are they presently being served? What problems do you solve better than anyone else that people demonstrably will pay you money for?

week by week

what we do

Our mission is to help great ideas come to life and be sustainable. In a way that requires the least effort & stress while producing the most fun for creators & team.

100% of profits from joint ventures with students go into creating a more conscious and sustainable world.

who's it for?

Entrepreneurs / Product Creators / Founders / Co-Founders who need some guidance & direction to get their idea off the ground and moving in the right direction faster.

how we do it

We take you step by step from the seedling of an idea to the fruiting of a profitable business.

Week by week you’ll be involved in our telegram groups, zoom calls, members-only classes and email support with experts who have created millions in revenue and successfully run successful start-ups.

We’ll always give you the tools and personalized guidance to know what your next steps are. This is the kind of support we all WISH we had in the beginning!

why us

Online traditional education, here you’ll be gaining real-world skills that you can immediately apply in the marketplace. Learn WHILE you’re building a business.

We only work with conscious businesses that seek to make a positive impact on the world. And 100% of our profits go towards this objective.

Work with professional instructors and successful real-world entrepreneurs and start-up experts that have already DONE IT and are still DOING IT.

Practical course work, group discussions and weekly zoom meetings

Learn the right structure, right strategy, right way to get to first sales with your great idea

Learn whether you’re an artist, entrepreneur or manager and how to team up with complementary skillsets.

Week by week commitment only or longer, stay only if you feel you are getting the most value for your investment of time, energy & money.

  • Learn how to maximize opportunities in your market.
  • Learn frameworks for achieving SMART objectives
  • Learn how to analyze yourself and your business to maximize your full potential.
  • Learn how to Easily Read a P & L (profit & loss), Balance Sheet
  • By being part of Start-Up School you’re more likely to get noticed by our fund and network of investors.
  • Learn how to build process & scale up your business
  • Network with exceptional talents and other like-minded individuals
  • Build lifelong relationships
  • Build connections with your future potential work force & tap into our network of outsourcing
  • Automatic upgrade to “Scale Up’ when you realize your first $1m in sales (per year) with us.

how much does it cost?

We believe in Start-Up School so much that we want to share in the success of your business.

Invest in our full tuition OR apply to receive a scholarship for inviting us to share in the profits or equity of your new venture.

$99 a week | $297 a month | $997 (12 weeks)

Apply Today

Not all who apply will be accepted. You must be able to demonstrate how your idea if successful, will really help make people’s lives easier and the world a better place to live.

We understand that the market is competitive now more than ever. The startup school will equip you with all it takes to build a business and make an impact that transcends generations. Limited slots are available. Apply today.