Every month we host a 1 Week Full Potential Retreat at our retreat center in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica. The goal of these retreats is to immerse you into a new way of living that will help you break old patterns and see things from a new perspective.In addition to the training we provide, everything else is included too: healthy plant based food, adventures to explore the surrounding beaches, waterfalls rivers and beyond, yoga & meditation from our jungle deck, nightly vegan ice cream (no sugar!), music, dancing, drumming & more.  And our accommodations aren’t too shabby either (you’ll be staying in one of our private Villas overlooking the beach, the town of Quepos and forest full of vibrant life including monkeys, sloths and iguanas.We understand that going back to the “real world” is hard and so we are doing our best to create a permanent village for those who want to stay. But we also equip you with a clear plan and support network to help you stay on track when you get back to your life. Our goal is to help you become a spiritual warrior that isn’t as easily influenced by your surroundings so you can stay on the right track.To learn more contact one of our retreat specialists who can help you see if a Full Potential retreat is right for you. And if cost is a concern, please note that we do everything in our power to keep things affordable and help those in need. We also offer bartering if you have something you want to offer to all retreat guests. This also makes the retreat experience unique every time you come!

Full Potential 101 Academy

James Rick Stinson the founder of Full Potential, also known as “Mr.” has written over 7 books and has interviewed over 250 experts and authors on what it takes to live a Full Potential life.

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