The key to creating anything you want in your life is knowing your next step.Countless books were never written, inventions never invented, art never created, businesses never started and many other projects never saw the light of day because their creators lacked knowing the very next step.Some people lacking a next step, but desperate to create the life they dream, seek to try to learn as much as they can about the thing they are interested in, consuming as much information as they can. Hoping that the next step will emerge.. or at the very least they will know what NOT to do. In many cases this simply doesn’t happen – learning more information can often create greater confusion on what to start on first.With our coaching we hope to simplify your life with a clear GPS: Goal, Purpose, and Strategy – that always begins with a clear next step. The more common use for the acronym GPS is global positioning system, used for navigation, its a perfect metaphor. Imagine how much information the GPS contains and yet how inefficient it would be if it lacked a next step to any destination? Now imagine if you take that very same tool and just add a clear next step at each turn .. how much more effective would you be?Our expert life and business strategists want to help you with your GPS and defining the next turn in your life. And we’ll do it for free. And hopefully when you see how valuable it is having someone coach you turn-by-turn, you’ll always have us to turn to :)If you’re interested in a free session with a coach to help you discover YOUR next step, please contact us here.

Full Potential 101 Academy

James Rick Stinson the founder of Full Potential, also known as “Mr.” has written over 7 books and has interviewed over 250 experts and authors on what it takes to live a Full Potential life.

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