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We’re Separating for Now .. And What Does Commitment Mean Anyway?

Hello Full Potential beings, it’s another beautiful day. But it also comes with some sadness.

You see today is the day I had to make a tough decision. I could see that Emma and I needed to separate for now for there to be more clarity. She seemed to be uncertain about our future together or being in a ‘box’ (which is how she saw commitment) and rather than attach to something I had to be the one to say okay lets let go and see what evolves from here.

While it hurts in the short term I KNOW in my heart its best in the long term. I am proud of myself for seeing the need to do this early on rather than hanging on and suffering through the pain of attaching to something that wants to fall away. It’s not that I don’t believe the relationship has immense love.. or that we cannot re-align in the future.. it’s realizing what the energy wants to do right now and configuring our lives in a way that allows it to BE.. without interfering with it.

I have learned from past relationships that the more I hang on or interfere with it the more I get punched, the more I suffer, the more the river of life pounds on me until I let go and surrender to what wants to BE. And if I just trust what wants to be, it’s always better. There’s always more flow. There’s always more beauty. Even if it feels like I’m drowning at first.

Emma is a beautiful being and I trust that what she needs right now is the spaciousness to clarify her life and her heart. Sometimes we give so much of our power away simply trying to get clear on something that until we are clear, we are drained in trying to figure stuff out. And if I join her in that then we are both just drained.

So I’m taking a step back and giving her the space to rise from her own foundation in the best way for her. I love her and I am here for her. And I already feel lighter. I trust that although its difficult right now, she probably also feels lighter too and that will help her.

I believe that sometimes we believe that ‘breaking up’ is bad, but what if its just stepping aside to let an old pattern die, and then rejoining hands when the time is right, if the time is ever right? Can we have this must trust in the universe? I am willing to trust that love will always prevail and that I don’t need to control what the conditions have to look like for love to continue to flow into my life.

Commitment is a very interesting word. And when I looked up the definition it actually gives two very different ways of seeing it:

one sees commitment as dedication, devotion, allegiance, loyalty, faithfulness, fidelity.

The other sees it as: responsibility, obligation, duty, tie, liability, burden.

No wonder there’s so much confusion and conflict around this idea.

In my past I’ve been hard to pin down. Rarely committing to any kind of relationship. The few times I did, it was hard for me to stay loyal and dedicated. I saw commitment as an obligation and a limitation rather than something that helped me feel more alive and free.

In this relationship with Emma I saw the opportunity for a great degree of flexibility in how we relate with other people WHILE remaining committed. This made it feel safe to explore a kind of openness that feels as free as I want to be, while still having a thread to someone that you care about.

I had it reflected to me through her, how I resisted commitment because I saw it as a limitation. But I’ve also learned over time, sometimes we can be bound by our desire for freedom and miss the beautiful experience of rooting down on solid ground and calling that home.

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