Full Potential

Full Potential

Level 10 Your Life

Review 2021 and Get Ready for 2022!

Good morning on this beautiful new day. We are one day away before New Year celebrations begin, at least on this side of the world. Last night here was a challenge with our son Zen, waking up multiple times through the night and otherwise reminding us how precious our sleep is! Nevertheless I wanted to … Read more

How I See

‘How I See, Colors My Perception and Controls My Destiny’ I woke up this morning from about 2 AM to 4 AM just meditating on this one idea.. “How I See” and the impact it has across everything I think, do and respond to life. The most important thing I’m seeing is ME .. yet … Read more

Manage Your Own Happiness

Good morning I hope your holiday season is merry and bright 🙂 We are coming into the man-made new year season for 2022. It’s an opportunity to reflect on the last of this year and think about what you want to do different going into the next cycle. If you’re like me you probably care … Read more

Growing Spiritual Roots

Good afternoon on this day. Whether you’re celebrating Christmas or some other holiday today – the atmosphere leading up to the new year definitely feels festive and inspired. It feels like this new year is about to bring in some amazing new energy and positive change. Get ready as a lot of what’s built up … Read more

God Perspective

Words have the power to maintain focus on a certain topic or area or craft the lens through which we see the world. How you view the world, or even what’s in front of you right now is perhaps the most important DECISION that you aren’t even aware you’re making. Once you get conditioned into … Read more

The Golden Thread

Happy New Day. I’m writing here from our growing village in the mountains of Chirripo (Costa Rica) I decided that the early I can start writing the better as I usually have ideas fresh from sleep still percolating in my consciousness. Plus I’m more likely to actually write something the earlier I do it. So … Read more