We are joining forces with teachers from around the world to come and be apart of our Full Potential Retreats and adding everything they do there as part of our Full Potential Academy. Many of them have also graciously gifted other materials they have sold in the past – at no cost to members of our Full Potential Tribe.

James Rick Stinson the founder of Full Potential, also known as “Mr.” has written over 7 books and has interviewed over 250 experts and authors on what it takes to live a Full Potential life. He’s including everything he’s ever created or will create in the Full Potential Academy. This is included FREE to anyone that attends a Full Potential Retreat.

If you’d like to access Full Potential Academy and you have not attended a Retreat – you may do so for a small minimum donation that goes towards our cause.

When enter your email and become part of our Full Potential Tribe newsletter, each month you’ll have a chance to win free access to the Academy or Retreat.